18) Questions to GAC, George Bush, the UN and ICC

The strength of my protest as I have stated revolves around the retrieval of the Epstein Bust. To all of the various Governmental departments and agencies that I send this letter, I would request your support. If you cannot show your support, I would be grateful for some feedback as to why. If you would like to criticize what I understand of the situation, I look forward to being enlightened. But specific questions I would like answers too are as follows

1)       GAC – How did Tony Blair acquire the Churchill Bust? – Protocol and exceptions – If no reply is given I shall call Interpol to report the theft of a National Treasure.

2)       George Bush – How do you justify yourself without resort to Churchill? The forthcoming trials of prisoners of Guantanamo Bay not only advocate that the defendants have no legal representation. They are also said to take into account her’ say evidence. In the light of this, how do you respond to the her’ say charge – that from the evidence of your worldwide strategy of conflict abroad coupled with your announcement that you are to bring troops home from worldwide bases – You are actually preparing for conflict at home and going to use the troops against your own people?

3)       United Nations – How damaged is the United Nations since George Bush came to power?

4)       International Criminal Court – What do you propose to do about the Illegal war? Is it possible to charge Tony Blair? Is it possible to demand that lawyers representing governments appear before you in order that the exact history of the world is written? Has the Iraq situation weakened the power of the Court?

5)       Tony Blair – What has turned what I regarded as the best Prime Minister in a generation into buying into this mess? People find it hard to doubt your sincerity, but you must know there are other ways to fight terrorism. The world is waiting for you now to support John Kerry and rid us of a nightmare. The war you have created feeds on itself, stop it now, jump ship and set future leaders of the world an example that this kind of war does not work.

Thank you all very much for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

                                        Yours Sincerely

   john navin