4) More Churchill related gifts between Blair and Bush

On January 31st 2003, The Scotsman reported further Churchill related gifts for the President.

”The present, valued at $375 (£206), is listed as a “Churchill Presentation Box”, including a “Churchill” pen, a bottle of ink, a cigar and a small book of Churchill quotations; held in a green leatherette case with gold tooling.”

Several other gifts were exchanged on this occasion but as James Kirkup points out

“Under US government rules, all gifts to US officials from foreign nationals must be reported and, if they are retained by the recipient, a reason given.
The US State Department records for the Blair’s’ gifts to the President and the First Lady state simply: Non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donor and US government”

It might be trivial but its safe to assume that George Bush and Tony Blair share a mutual admiration for Winston Churchill both in public and in private.