17) The issue, the protest – Why the Churchill bust should be returned

But why am I writing to you? What can you do for me? And what has this virtual history of the crisis really got to do with Epstein’s Bust of Churchill?

I have come all this way with a message on behalf of the majority of the world’s population. I only say majority because – of the wide and varied selection of acquaintances I have, from across the political spectrum – And from all of the information from various sources. And from the millions that marched against the war in the first place. In my whole complete world of existence, I have yet to find anybody that advocated war with Iraq. Apart that is from politicians. It’s difficult to fathom how the very powers that suggest they are advancing Democracy actually disenfranchise the majority from it.

Winston Churchill has been used for political capital in an attempt to justify a strategy of death and destruction that has the potential to last indefinitely. The Churchill Bust by Epstein has been plundered by Tony Blair from the Government Art Collection with no explanation and used as a figurehead of for this wholesale exportation of war. As an individual part of a majority that do not support the strategy of this war – I find it offensive and barbaric that this should be so. Exercising my right as a British subject for free speech (while we still have it) I kindly request that the Churchill Bust is returned immediately. 

The problem that the US and British Governments are faced with at present is partly due to their own making. The yarn spinning has disenfranchised them from the true feeling in their own countries. They have fallen into the same trap as Saddam by not understanding the serious nature of the opposing argument.

Even opposition parties generally dislike being seen as disloyal to their country and the troops that serve it. But the duty of an opposition is to put an opposing view and the duty of government is to listen to it and argue their case. If attacks on the press stifle the ability to gain the complete picture and the opposition do not oppose, we do not have a Democracy – We have an Oligarchy. We don’t have representation across the spectrum and equal measure of capability to vote for a different strategy. We have only representation from the select few regardless of the majority. But the troops too are part of the population and must also feel as disenfranchised as the rest of us from such an idiotic strategy.

This is not to say that there should not be a war on terror, it just says that the strategy is wholly wrong. The Bush administration not the American people are to blame for this crisis. Since the President took office he has weakened the United Nations by failing to recognise it. Kicked International Law in the balls and tried to justify Human Rights abuse. Caused death, torture and suffering throughout the world. And used the already discredited Tony Blair as a puppet example of loyalty to give himself credibility in the United States. In general if it wasn’t for Blair and Churchill, Bush would have been seen as a despot. But if you really want to have a laugh about it, this is a quote from a speech in the Library of Congress in February this year. The President has already said that he too like Churchill intends to write history, when he says

“History has been kind to Winston Churchill, as it usually is to those who help save the world.” – George Bush

Doubtless nobody told him there has to be someone left to read it. However, in all seriousness the question of whether George Bush is helping to save the world is the only question we need ask. I like many other unheard voices say he is not.